Bay Horse Close Up
Buckskin Horse In Snow
Foal Nursing
Silhouette of horse in sunset
3 images of palomino horse running
Paint Horse in Snow
Palomino Horse in Pasture
Palomino Horse in Snow
Buckskin Horse at Sunset
3 Horses Looking Over Fence
2 Year Old Sorrel at Sunset
Horses on both sides of fence
Palomino Mare
2 Dun Horses

These are our hard-working ranch horses. Some are broodmares, others we ride for work and pleasure. Several are retired and enjoy their days relaxing in the pastures. Many of them are photogenic and pose for me, others want to smear their nose on the camera. All have a unique personaliity that make for a great collection of photos.

If you are looking for a photo shoot with your favorite equine contact me and I'll be happy to work with you. We can create a piece of fine art that will compliment your home and feature your partner.