Black Lab Puppy Laying in Studio
Terrier Sitting
Australian Shephard Looking
Black and White Cat Sitting on sidewalk
Terrier by Mums and Wagon
Blue Merle Australian Shephard Laying on Fur
2 Australian Shephards Looking at Camera
2 Dogs on Frosty Morning
Blue Merle Dog Looking Over Valley
Black and White Cat on Porch
Dog Running in Snow
Duke & Daisy in grass with flowers
2 Dogs Looking Away

Of course you can't have a ranch without dogs and cats. We have a full-time barn cat, a part-time house cat and two dogs that spend their time with us as much as possible. If we leave them in the house while we are out doing chores they are bound to get into some mischief as payment for leaving them behind.

They love posing for pictures and they know what to do when they see my cameral pointed in their direction.